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Depa Bondeypa's Relatives by Rinzin Rinzin

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Depa Bondeypa’s Relatives: Of legend, myth and metaphor

Author Rinzin Rinzin’s novel ‘DepaBondeypa’s Relatives’  is a tale about a poor man called Bondeypa and his relationships with his relatives and neighbors. A poor man earlier and a rich Bondeypa later. The story is about a local legend from Lhuntse about Bondeypa, as it is said to be that the ancestors were been a Depa (Cheiftain/Ruler) of locality of Nyongdela. It was believed that the misfortune of Bondeypa was due to the loss of mermaid Gyalmo’s blessing, after she absconded Tshadila Tsho. The story is all about Bondeypa’s experiences and his journey to Bumthang upon royal decree.

Author: Rinzin Rinzin
Number of Pages: 134

ISBN Number: 978-99936-619-5-5

Published: 2016

Published by: Miss Books under BICMA

About the Author:

Rinzin Rinzin was born in 1969 in the remote village of Kurtoe Goenpakap in Lhuntse in eastern Bhutan. He started his early education as Gomchey(Lay monk) at the age  of four. In 1978, he was one of the first children from his village to join school, take up modern (western) system of education. He studies in various schools in Bhutan, and went to Sherubtse College, the only college in the country during his time. He studied agriculture science at the Central Luzon State University, Republic of the Philippines and later at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He also completed additional two master’s degrees (MBA and MBM PA) from the University of Canberra, Australia. Rinzin worked as a lecturer, agriculture researcher, manager/administrator, parliamentarian, consultant and writer during the last two decades or so. 
Rinzin currently serves as the Chief Country Coordinator(Bhutan) for the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature (FOSAL)

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