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Deyzang by Indra K. Vishwa

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Deyzhang is a children's book and it is about the love for a dog named Deyzhang. The book also talks how Deyzhang wins the hearts of Tseyang, Dechog, parents, and other children in the school. 

Author: Indra K. Vishwa

Illustration: Saul & Khem Raj

ISBN Number: 978-99936-922-3-2

Number of Pages: 25 pages 

Product Dimension : Length x Height ( 24cm x 20cm)

Weight: 130gms

About the Author

Indra k.vishwa is a noble teacher by profession; sister of all ages and a passionate writer. She writes lucid, candid and precise with her strong Portrayal of characters subtly blended with expression into a story. She is undoubtedly a young female emerging author of Bhutan - exhibits writing truly from her heart by reading her mind through the lens of any female artist. To her every tree is a story, every moment is a chapter, every quest is an experience, every teardrop is a witness and every smile is a victory. She has a quick eye on the subtleties of daily happenings and the business of the heart.

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