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Ei8ht Nyingtib Tshering's Amazing Journey by Gayatri Bhandari

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Nyingtob Tshering is once a dreaded gangster of Thimphu City. Addicted to substances of all sorts. He had great pride in living a life of a gangster until one fine day. He sees a dream where he is invigorated by a man in white attire to change his life. He takes the man seriously. Soon he starts meeting with eight unusual characters along his long journey who help him remind the teachings of Lord Buddha, the current social issues of bhutan and how one can fruitfully contribute to one's community. With divine interventìon, Nyingtob manages, at the end of the story, to change himself and transform his former gang members and fellow citizens to lead a productive life along with him.

 Author: Gayatri Bhandari

Number of Pages: 59 pages

ISBN Number: 978-99936-12-52-0

Publication: DSB Publications Thimphu

Weight: 108g

Published: 2016

Catagory: Life story,  Novel

About the Author

Mr. Gayatri Bhandari is presently working as a teacher at Drukschool, a private school in Thimphu. Apart from writing short stories, he is also fond of blogging and writing screenplays for Movies. “The Lost” and “Ngachey Sum”( We three) are menu- scripts he has at his disposal ready to be made into movies.

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