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Enchanted by Bhutan by Yoshiro Imaeda

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Written by Yoshiro Imaeda
Invitation to a mysterious journey the secret services of several
European and Asian governments hear rumors about an ancient, hidden manuscript capable of changing mankind's history. A search in the Vatican Archives, investigations by English, French, Indian and Chinese secret services start a race to find out more about this intriguing news. Manipulated by an invisible puppet-master and unaware of being closely watched by the highly trained and secretive «Tiger Unit", a Jesuit Padre, a group of distinguished French Tibetologists, an English Foreign Affairs agent, Indian and Chinese special forces are drawn towards the hidden valleys of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Will they succeed in this perilous challenge?
Embark with them on this mysterious search and enjoy the wild rid.

About the Artisan

Riyang Books is a small, Bhutan-based publishing house owned and operated by author, Kunzang Choden and her family. It was founded in November 2012 out of a deep love for literature and the written word as well as a desire to create a welcoming space to encourage and support creative work in Bhutan.

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