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Phases by Chador Wangmo

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Everything a girl goes through is expressed in a collection of poetry filled with love, laughter and tears. It is a wonderful work of literature that every girl can relate with.

The moon is a little girl 

Dreaming Big.

Each day she weaves her dreams 

Wearing it like her dress 

And she shows 

Magnanimously proud one day 

Living her dreams

Not knowing that the day after 

She has to start shedding it;

For dreams for little girls 

Are mere dresses she can wear 

Only to glow for a while 

oh, ornament of the dark night!

How soon you forget, dreams and dresses 

Are mere play of light and darkness 

And you are the one being played on. 

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  • ISBN number: 9789993673385
  • Number of Pages: 123 Pages.
  • Published: 2019 
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