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White Quinoa from Bhutan, Gluten Free, 1 kg Pack, bhutan superfood & herbs

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Nu 450.00
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Gluten-Free White Quinoa harvested from the southern foothills of Bhutan. The quinoa is packed in a 1kg pack wrapped in a recycled paper box. 
Product Dimension:

  • Length x Width x Height: 9cm x 9cm x 24cm

What are the benefits of Quinoa?

  1. Quinoa Is Usually Gluten Free
  2. Quinoa Lowers Cholesterol and May Prevent Heart Disease
  3. Quinoa May Lower Blood Sugar and Improve Diabetes
  4. Quinoa Is Rich in Antioxidants
  5. Quinoa Is an Anti-Inflammatory Food
  6. Quinoa Can Aid Weight Loss  

Product Description

  • Vacuum packed Pure white Quinoa
  • Harvested from Gewogs of Mongar Dzongkha
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Net weight 1kg

About the producer 

Bhutan Superfood and Herbs sells organic products grown by the local farmers to its customers. Our mission is to cater to the growing need for organic food and also provide a platform for local farmers to earn a livelihood. We also hope to raise awareness of the importance of organic farming to the overall health of the nation.

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