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Rollpa, A bhutanese game

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? 

Join us on a journey to find happiness in our new game, A Quest for Happiness!

Experience an amalgamation of GNH philosophy, Shamatha meditation symbolism and UN Worldly Events. Rollpa believes that Happiness comes from a median range of contentment (an echo of the Buddhist Middle Path), an Elephant and a Monkey signifies the two opposite and extreme habitual tendencies of Abstinence and Indulgence. These are not bad qualities, but the habit has the potential to cause harm.

The Board game mechanics used is to present the 9 Domains of Human Wellbeing from the Philosophy of GNH. The game is balanced by the Monkey and Elephant symbolism from Shamatha meditation, to show our minds' interactions to the world arounds us. Rollpa is powered by 39 United Nations Days to raise awareness on the Global Sustainability Agenda.


You will be competing to Win the most number of Pyramids. Pyramids will be won by earning Merits for your Set of GNH Domains. Earn your Merits by Hosting Worldly Events. And hope not to meet an Indulgent Monkey or an Abstinent Elephant.

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