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Chilli Powder, All natural, vacuum packed, 150g, OGOP

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Chillis play an important crop and are cultivated across the country. In Bhutan Chili is consumed both as spice and vegetable. The landrace variety of chilies are cultivated from the seeds stored from the previous season. 

This blend of chili powder can be used to spice up any meal.

  • Add a teaspoon to a bowl of salsa and BBQ
  • Try as a rub on beef, pork, and chicken, and Sprinkle a pinch on scrambled eggs
  • No MSG, No Preservatives, and Non-Irradiated
  • All Natural, Salt-Free


  • Length x Height: 12cm (Round) x 20cm

Product Description

  • Vacuum packed Bhutan Red chilli (landrace hot pepper)
  • Fine grinded chili powder
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Net weight 150gm
  • Spice level: Medium spicy with fresh and versatile blend

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About the producer

OGOP Bhutan | Bhutan queen project | official OGOP logo of Bhutan

"OGOP aims to support economic development & increase community products by mobilizing all avaliable resources in order to promote grassroots community by adding more value to products made with local wisdom, tradition, culture & the community's resources which make them unique products"- The Queen's Project (Bhutan)

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