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Cordyceps, Tumeric & Amla Capsule

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Cordyceps, Tumeric & Amla Capsule

Made in Bhutan 

Per Capsule Weight: 350mg

cing our latest supplement, Cordyceps, Tumeric & Amla Capsule! This powerful combination of natural ingredients offers a wide range of health benefits. Our capsule contains 1% of cordyceps, a widely known herb used for its medicinal properties, as well as 49.5% tumeric and 49.5% amla - two powerful Ayurvedic herbs. Both tumeric and amla are known for their antioxidant properties and can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and boost immunity. With our Cordyceps, Tumeric & Amla Capsule, you can enjoy the benefits of these powerful herbs in one convenient supplement. Try it today and experience the health benefits of this powerful blend.


1% Cordyceps

49.5% Tumeric

49.5% Amla

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