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Jomolhari Incense Powder, 250g, Chimi Poizokhang, Bhutanese Incense powder, natural powder, Cleansing powder, natural, clean,

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Jomolhari incense powder is blended from the finest herbs collected from the serene Himalayan ranges of Bhutan, It contains 23 ingredients including Agar, Black Cardamom, Clove, Green Cardamom, nutmeg, Red Sandalwood, Safflower, Spikenard, Snow Lotus, White Sandalwood etc…

Jomolhari incense powder is manufactured according to strict Buddhist traditions. Use Jomolhari incense powder in Buddhist rituals and ceremonies or in your home or at work. In addition to the spiritual benefits; offering incense also creates a soothing environment with its deep Almost all our ingredients are sourced locally thereby bringing direct benefits to rural communities scattered along the high mountains. Jomolhari incense powder does not contain any ingredient of animal origin.

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  • Weight: 250g

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