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Kombucha, 300ml, Dr. T Kombucha

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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented tea. It is a combined yeast and bacterial fermentation that results in a drink that is slightly tart (that’s the flavour of the beneficial acids and vinegars), has a very small trace of alcohol (left over from the yeast fermentation – not enough to get anyone tiddly) and only a small amount of remaining sugars (which means it’s not going to sit heavily on your waistline).

What does kombucha taste like?

We think it sits somewhere between a light cider (try our Smoke House flavour) and a fragrant sparkling wine (try our Royal Flush) but with richer, slightly acidic undertones. The great thing about kombucha is that while each bottle will taste pretty similar to the last one, it’s a live product, so there’s always the possibility of something different coming through. Every bottle is an adventure. How is kombucha brewed? Making kombucha is actually very easy: you simply add your scoby culture to a pot of warm sweetened tea and leave it for a couple of weeks to ferment. It’s actually quite similar to brewing beer or wine. The trick to making great kombucha though is to really carefully and tightly manage every stage of the process to get an extraordinary flavour.

What are the health benefit of drinking Kombucha?

Kombucha is a Potential Source of Probiotics.
Kombucha May Provide the Benefits of Green Tea.
Kombucha Contains Antioxidants.
Kombucha Can Kill Bacteria.
Kombucha May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.
Kombucha May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes.
Kombucha May Help Protect Against Cancer.
Kombucha Is Healthy When Made Properly.


Original Kombucha: Detoxifying agent, immunity booster & prevents stomach ulcers

Yacon Kombucha: Fat & sugar-free, help Diabetes Type B & Gastrointestinal upset.

Beetroot Kombucha: Antioxidant & energy booster

Product Speficiations:

Sealed 300ml glass bottle with cap.

About the producer

Dr. T Kombucha exists to provide a healthy alternative among sugary drinks and sodas. 
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