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Wild Strawberry jam

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Nu 250.00

Indulge your guests with the full-bodied flavor and outstanding quality of Chuniding’s strawberry  jam. Made with strawberry plucked directly from Bhutan’s trees. The flavor is great when paired with any breakfast pastries, as a glaze on a pound cake, or even as part of a marinade or dipping sauce for pork. Drop that jar of boring strawberry jelly and get yourself a jar of our delicious strawberry Jam!


  • Strawberry jam, Sugar and Cinammon

Technical Description

  • Weight: 200 gms
  • Included: Vacuum seal bag or bottles of 500ml

About the Artisan

On a mission to preserve and promote the Bhutanese food culture, chuniding is a family-owned enterprise with about a decade’s experience in the food & hospitality sector. Their enterprises include the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant, Chuniding Resort, and Chuniding Food, all of which are located and operated in the capital city, Thimphu.