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Blueberry Squash, Bhutan Organics, 1000ml

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A Taste of Wild Bhutanese Blueberries

Immerse your senses in the refreshing and delightful flavors of Bhutan's pristine wilderness with Blueberry Squash by Bhutan Organics. Crafted from the finest, handpicked wild blueberries, this squash is a true celebration of nature's bounty.

Harvested from the Untamed Wilds: Venture into the remote and unspoiled landscapes of Bhutan, where the blueberries are meticulously handpicked by local harvesters. These wild berries are bursting with intense flavor and robust antioxidants, captured at their peak ripeness.

A Fusion of Mountain Spring Water and Blueberry Essence: The blueberry juice concentrate, extracted from the freshest berries, is blended with pure, crisp mountain spring water to create a refreshing and invigorating squash. Each sip transports you to the majestic Himalayan peaks, where the berries flourish.

Nutritional Powerhouse: Not only is Blueberry Squash a delightful treat for your taste buds, but it's also a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and a hint of omega-3, this squash provides a wholesome and revitalizing experience.

Versatile and Refreshing: Dilute this concentrated squash with water to create a thirst-quenching beverage perfect for any occasion. Enjoy it chilled on a warm day, mix it into cocktails for a burst of flavor, or incorporate it into your favorite recipes for a delightful twist.

Blueberry Squash is made by adding mountain spring water to Syrup and Blueberry Juice Concentrate extracted from fresh berries meticulously handpicked from the pristine wilds of Bhutan.

Nutritional Composition Per 100g
Dietary Fibre 0.5g
Vitamin C 5.0mg
Calcium 16.3 mg
Iron 1.0mg
Omega 3 <0.5g
Protein 0.2g
Energy 5 Kcal


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