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Himalayan Yacon Syrup (Ground Apple), BAOWE

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Himalayan Yacon Syrup from BAOWE pure

BAWO Yacon Syrup is 100% sugar-free pre-biotic, which promotes healthy guts, strengthen immune system, and is an effective appetite suppressant. It also helps in weight loss, prevents constipation and is known to reduce blood pressure.

How to take Yacon Syrup?

One tablespoon every morning on empty stomach, followed with warm water after 30 minutes.


  • Ground Apple
  • 100% Pure Organic Smallanthus Sonchifolious
  • (No Additive or Preservative)

About the Producer

Bhutan Women Entrepreneur Association | BAOWE

BAOWE works to develop a social-consciousness-driven private sector and promoting women entrepreneurs at the grassroots level contributing to poverty reduction, self-reliance, and business from a GNH perspective the economic empowerment of women.

BAOWE provides a common platform through which the needs, concerns and aspirations of women entrepreneurs are collectively and effectively advocated, voiced and addressed by facilitating meaningful dialogues with relevant stakeholders, key partners and business community in general.

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