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Honey Stingless-Bee, 200g, Jinlab Agro Product

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Nu 1,180.00
Nu 560.00 - Nu 1,180.00
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Stingless bees, sometimes called stingless honey bees or simply meliponine, are a large group of bees (about 550 described species), comprising the tribe Meliponini (or subtribe Meliponina according to other authors). They belong in the family Apidae and are closely related to common honey bees, carpenter bees, orchid bees, and bumblebees. Meliponines have stingers, but they are highly reduced and cannot be used for defense, though these bees exhibit other defensive behaviors and mechanisms. Meliponines are not the only type of "stingless" bee; all-male bees and many female bees of several other families, such as Andrenidae, also cannot sting. Some stingless bees have painful and powerful bites.

Meliponine Honey, a unique scarce honey from the rich vegetation of southern Bhutan. It has distinctive sweetness mixed with a sour and acidic taste. Highly nutritious with stronger antioxidant properties. Used for wound healing since ancient times.

Product Description:

  • Height: 7cm x width: 12cm(round)
  • Produced by Doonglagang gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag
  • Net volume: 100ml
  • Product from Bhutan

About the producer:

BAH&KN produces fruits like kiwi, avocado, oranges, cardamom, cherry pepper, papayas organically. It also supplies kiwi, cardamom, and avocado seedlings.

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