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Sonam Himalayan Spring Water, 500ml

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Sonam is inherently alkaline Himalayan water drawn from a virgin spring above 13,120 feet.

All of the naturally occurring mineral and electrolytes are preserved in their purest form without the use of reverse osmosis. From the mountains of Bhutan, it's more than just water

About the Producer

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In the heart of Bhutan, a nation renowned for its carbon-neutral status and commitment to ecological balance, emerges Sonam Water—an embodiment of the country's unwavering dedication to sustainability. Beyond a mere drink, it's a glimpse into Bhutan's culture and an expression of their holistic way of life.

From the sprawling landscapes of Bhutan, where sustainability is deeply ingrained in every facet of existence, Sonam Water springs forth. Rooted in the ethos of living in harmony with nature's provisions, Bhutan has employed a holistic approach that respects and nurtures the environment while ensuring development within its natural boundaries.

Nestled amidst the towering Himalayas, the source of Sonam Water was stumbled upon by a local farmer, led there by a wandering cow. This hidden gem, a pristine closed spring source, sits undisturbed at an altitude surpassing 3000 meters. Its waters flow with the essence of minerals extracted directly from the earth, each drop reflecting the purity of its origin.

The remarkable distinction of Sonam Water lies in the meticulous process that preserves its inherent minerals. By employing a sophisticated 5-part filtration technique that consciously avoids the use of reverse osmosis, the water's natural composition remains untouched, delivering an authentic taste of the Himalayan wilderness.

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