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Organic Massage Balm, 110g & 40g, Zhinor

by zhinor
Original price Nu 300.00 - Original price Nu 660.00
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Nu 660.00
Nu 300.00 - Nu 660.00
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With Zingiber cassumunar (Locally known as Phachang) essential oil (EO) as its main active ingredient, our massage balm is developed from all-natural ingredients. The Zingiber cassumunar is known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic rejuvenating, and has relaxing therapeutic properties. This massage balm comes in two different sizes (big & small) to fulfill different customer needs.

Benefits of Zhinor

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain


  • Zingiber Cassumunar Essential oil
  • Liniment Oil

Our Story

The lightly viscous natural liniment oil is derived through a perfect blending of pure organic Zingiber Cassumunar EO with other natural oils. While the liniment shares the same beneficial properties as that of the Zhinor massage Balm, Being in Liquid Form, it is more spreadable and absorbable, making it suitable as a massage oil where therapeutic effect is desired over a wider area of the body.

Dzedokha is a small village located under Loggchina Gewog, Chukha Dzongkhag, devoted largely to growing cardamom and ginger as cash crops, along with maize, paddy & millet as subsistence farming,with a few heads of cattle and goats. Dzedokha Phachang Detshen is a community group consisting of 50 households from Dzedokha village focused mainly on women empowerment. The group organically cultivates Zingiber cassumunar and extracts its essential oil to develop and produce the Zhinor massage balm and liniment oil. The social enterprise is totally managed by the group and the proceeds from the sales of the products directly contributes towards enhancement of their livelihoods through additional income generation, youth employment opportunities and building local capacities. A small portion of the proceeds is also plowed back to the Bhutan Access and Benefit Sharing Fund for supporting biodiversity conservation efforts in the country.

Organic Certificate: BAFRA

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