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100% pure organic Cordycep Sinensis supplement capsule, 300mg, Bhutan Cordycep Sinensis, 100% Natural, Cordycep from Bhutan, Bhutanese Cordycep, healthy,

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100% pure organic Cordycep Sinensis supplement capsule is one of the finest remedy, manufactured primarily out of organic Cordycep collected by the highlanders of Bhutan. It has high medicinal value in curing major infectious disease like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, bladder infections, asthma and hepatitis B to minor infectious like cough, cold and flu. Besides, it also stimulates

  • Increases oxygen uptake in cells*
  • Stimulates blood circulation*
  • Supports immune systems*
  • Boosts energy level. Reduces fatigue, increases stamina* 
  • Support kidney, liver, and respiratory functions*

Instructions:  a bottle contains 30 capsule and it is advised to take 2-3 capsule a day before going to bed. 


About the Artisan

Bhutan Wild Cordycep is one of the authentic Cordyceps retail shop in the country authorized by Royal Government of Bhutan which has now emerged as the largest supplier of wild Cordyceps to the outside font. It was initially established in the year 2008 based in Thimphu, capital of Bhutan with a motive to supply fresh and organic Cordyceps to both local as well as foreign manufacturers and traders. For more information contact Number : +975-17655393

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