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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'
☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'



1.What is Druksell all about?

Druksell is a nationwide e-commerce platform to rally all of Bhutan to discover and support small and medium businesses.

2. What is Druksell eMarketplace?

The Druksell eMarketplace is a dedicated portal for local SMEs to advertise their offerings and to tap on a wider online customer base. SMEs will be able to list and sell on the Druksell eMarketplace by leveraging on integrated logistics and payment gateway as well as additional exposure from the Druksell marketing campaigns.

3. How will Druksell help small and medium businesses? 

We’re making it easier for SMEs like you to market your business online and get more customers. We want to help you take this first step to go digital, and support you along the way.

4. Why should SMEs join?

With a common platform to showcase products and services, it is now easier for SMEs to market their business and reach out to more customers. There are no strings attached. Participation is free.

5. How will consumers benefit from Druksell?

Consumers can look forward to the latest deals, promotions and offers from our SMEs which are exclusive to Druksell. Druksell is a national movement that help SMEs go digital and drive traffic to their offline stores to increase sales. Consumers can show their support by shopping with our SMEs on Druksell.

6. How many SMEs have participated so far?

We have more than 100 participating SMEs and counting.



1. How do I check if my business qualifies for Druksell?
Your company can sign up for Druksell as long as it meets Bhutan's criteria of a SME: 

  • Registered and operating in Bhutan
  • Have a minimum of 51% shareholding in your business
  • Employment is less than 50 workers

2. What types of businesses are allowed to register for the campaign?
We welcome all SMEs including Social Enterprises. However, DBS and Singtel reserve the right to reject businesses that are deemed to be involved in indecent, immoral or illegal activities.

3. How do SMEs register as a eSeller?

Click on “Join as eSeller” and complete the online registration process.Once we have verified your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow us up to 3 working days to process your registration.


1. How many offers can each SME upload? 

Each SME may upload 10 products however if you want to list more than 10, additional fees will apply. 

2. Is there any upfront cost involved to participate? 

There is no cost to participate and list your products on the Druksell eMarketplace. 

3. Is there any transaction fees for using the Druksell platform? 

There are no transaction fees for using the Druksell platform. As a eSeller on the Druksell eMarketplace, the only applicable cost would include 10% commission fee and shipping fees (payable to 3rd party logistics provider). 

4. Will there be more options to receive payment? 

Yes. We are currently working with more payment service providers to bring more options to the platform. 

5. I am new to eCommerce. Is there someone who can help me? 

There are regular eseller workshops available for Druksell who are keen to participate as an eSeller on Druksell. Please visit website to register or email for more information. 


6. Can I add additional user to help to manage my store on Druksell? 

Yes, you can add more users to manage your store.My user has forgotten the login password. Can I reset the password?To protect the account, all password reset request will need to be submitted online. An password reset link will be emailed to the registered email ID. 


1. Will I get notified when a new order is submitted? 

Yes, you will receive an email notification. 

2. I have received an order from a Buyer who has completed the online payment. What's next? 

You can proceed to pack the goods and proceed to arrange for delivery. 

3. I have received an order from a Buyer who has completed the online payment. However, I am not able to fulfil the order as I have sold out my goods. How do I reject the order? 

You will need to inform the us that the order will be rejected and payment refunded. Upon completion of the refund, you can change the status of the Order to Rejected. 

5. How do I refund the payment? 

Druksell will make the refunds and later deduct from the payout amount


1. How do I process a refund for the buyer? 

You will trigger a refund thru provider who has received the payment. 


1. There is a problem with the goods delivered Buyer. What is the typical process like? 

The Buyer will contact us to arrange for the return or exchange. 


1. I am new to eCommerce. Who will be helping me with my goods delivery. 

Druksell portal has integrated with express courier service provider & Postal services for goods delivery between Sellers and Buyers. Once an order is received, our delivery will come collect from you and ship to the customer.


1. I no longer want to be a Seller on Druksell. Can I close / terminate my account? 

Please send a request through the Contact Us. Do ensure you have no outstanding orders before submitting the request. 

2. Will I be bound contractually to continue to participate in the campaign? 

No, there is no minimum contractual period. You may choose to withdraw your participation by emailing us. 

3. Can I terminate my seller account? Is there any penalty? 

Yes, SMEs may terminate anytime. There is no penalty to terminate your seller account.