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Barley Flour and Bitter Buckwheat, Bhutan Growers, 500g

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Bhutan Growers' 500g Barley Flour and Bitter Buckwheat Flour, two distinct and exceptional grains sourced from the heart of Bhutan's pristine landscapes. Our Barley Flour brings you the wholesome essence of Bhutan's organic fields, packed with essential nutrients, while our Bitter Buckwheat Flour introduces a unique, nutty flavor that's perfect for those seeking culinary innovation. Whether you're crafting hearty bread, delectable pancakes, or savory pastries, our versatile flours are your key to elevating your dishes to a whole new level of taste and nutrition. With Bhutan Growers, you're not just cooking; you're embarking on a flavorful journey that celebrates the purest grains Bhutan has to offer.
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