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Bhutan Cordycep Sinensis (དབྱར་རྩྭ་དགུན་འབུ་), healthy, bhutanese cordyceps, organic, natural, Himalayan cordyceps,

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Natural Wild Cordyceps collected in Bhutan have been widely used as natural Cordyceps sinensis, an official species of Cordyceps mushrooms used as Chinese medicines, around the world in recent years. It is referred to as yartsa gunbu (Tibetan: དབྱར་རྩྭ་དགུན་འབུ་, literally "summer grass, winter worm"), or dōng chóng xià cǎo (Chinese: 冬蟲夏草) or ถั่งเช่า in Thai. The pure Cordyceps fungi found in Bhutan is considered as the most potent and possesses the highest medicinal value above all the cordyceps found in the world. Although limited in availability, our collection is selected from an assorted collection of top quality cordyceps from Bhutan. 


Bhutan wild Cordyceps are prized for their natural ability to fight free radicals, infections, and inflammation, cordyceps are impressive disease-fighting mushrooms that have been used for centuries to reduce symptoms of respiratory disorders, coughs, colds, liver damage and much more.

Studies have found that cordyceps can act like natural cancer treatments in some cases, preventing the growth of tumors (especially in the lungs and on the skin). Considered a type of natural “immuno-potentiating drug,” cordyceps supplements are now used to bring the immune system back to normal following life-threatening infections or illnesses.

Bhutan Cordyceps can help control autoimmune disorders, excessive inflammation, and tissue damage while speeding up healing time. Additionally, research shows that Bhutan cordyceps can act like mild stimulants or “adaptogen herbs,” fighting stress or fatigue and naturally increasing energy levels. Some of the most researched benefits of cordyceps also include improving athletic performance, increasing immunity against viruses and even promoting longevity. In addition to fighting cancer, Bhutan cordyceps are used to help treat:

  • respiratory infections like chronic bronchitis
  • coughs, colds, and the flu
  • reproductive problems and sexual dysfunction
  • kidney disorders
  • bladder infections and urination problems
  • asthma
  • hepatitis B
  • low circulation and irregular heartbeats
  • heart disease and high cholesterol
  • liver disorders
  • muscle weakness
  • chronic fatigue syndrome and low energy
  • dizziness


    • You can consume one piece of cordyceps in a day, preferably first hour in the morning when your body is at its peak for absorption.
    • You can prepare a tincture with 3 pieces of cordyceps soaked in 300ml of alcohol with a minimum of 40% content for 3 months. This preparation will boost up absorption of cordyceps power into ones blood circulation.
    • You can also consume Cordyceps in the form of Cordyceps tea / Naturally Bhutan Tea
    • Cordyceps supplements are also available


    1. Heat olive oil in a large Dutch oven or stockpot over medium heat. Add shallots, garlic, celery, fennel, carrots, and leeks. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the vegetables soften, about 5 minutes. Add the Cordyceps and cook for 7 to 8 minutes, or until the Cordyceps are soft. Add the water, bay leaf, parsley and thyme and season with additional salt and pepper to taste.
    2. Reduce heat to low and simmer, partially covered, for 50 minutes. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste. Stir and serve warm


    1. Grade Super A+: 3-4 pcs every 1gm
    2. Grade A+: 4-5 pcs every 1gm 
    3. Grade A: 5-6 pcs every 1gm
    4. Grade B: 6-7 pcs every 1gm

    *note that the above values are approximate & number of pieces can vary. Grading may be graded differently according to different vendors.  

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