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Himalayan Medicinal Incense

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Nu 50.00
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1. Dzambhala

Prosperity incense has been prepared as per the formulation described in the ancient text. It is compounded with highly aromatic medicinal plants and manufactured traditionally under strict quality compliance. Generally, burning this incense produces an appealing smoke  that specifies and propities all the Gods and Goddesses of wealth and other protection deties and eventually results into an accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Burning this incense creates am environment that protect from paranormal beings.

2. Mensang Ja-Tsa Gyed

A combination of 108 medicinal and aromatic plants from  the pristine and tranquil landscape of Himalayas, this is a legendary formulation believed to be formulated by Guru Padmassambhava. This profusely aromatic incense powder can be burnt in all types of prayers and rituals as offering to gods and deirties of the three releams.

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