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Rollpa: A Quest for Happiness

by Rollpa
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Rollpa, a unique board game that combines the philosophies of GNH, Shamatha meditation symbolism, and UN worldly events to provide an unparalleled experience. With Rollpa, you'll learn that happiness is achieved through a median range of contentment, and the game's Elephant and Monkey symbols represent two opposite and extreme habitual tendencies of abstinence and indulgence. The game's mechanics present the 9 domains of human wellbeing from the philosophy of GNH, and the Elephant and Monkey symbols from Shamatha meditation balance the game to showcase how our minds interact with the world around us.

Rollpa is powered by 39 United Nations Days and designed to raise awareness of the global sustainability agenda. In Rollpa, you compete to win the most number of Pyramids by earning merits for your set of GNH domains. You can earn your merits by hosting worldly events, and you'll have to avoid meeting the Indulgent Monkey or Abstinent Elephant along the way.


Playing Rollpa is easy and fun! A player's turn involves three simple steps: rolling the dice, drawing a card, and spinning the wheel. With Rollpa, you'll not only have a great time playing, but you'll also learn valuable lessons about contentment, mindfulness, and the importance of sustainability.

You will be competing to Win the most number of Pyramids. Pyramids will be won by earning Merits for your Set of GNH Domains. Earn your Merits by Hosting Worldly Events. And hope not to meet an Indulgent Monkey or an Abstinent Elephant.

Product Dimensions & Weight : (L*W*H) 23.5 cm * 23.5 cm * 7.5 cm & 1.25 kgs

Designed & Published by : 303 Enterprise, Bhutan

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