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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'

Stories for Children Initiative, Monkey King Series, Dragon Tales Series

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About Dragon Tales - Stories for Children Initiative

Stories are like sparks of light that illuminate many things - our past, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. Through stories, we connect generations and pass on the torch of our identity and culture to those who come after us. Children who grow up with stories understand the world and other people's circumstances better. We live multiple lives through all the stories we hear.

That is why, through the Dragon Tales -  Stories for  Children initiative, we have curated a special illustrated series of some of the precious stories. These stories are told in simple  Dzongkha and English, allowing our children to learn about our way of thinking, values, culture, and language in an entertaining way.

The Monkey King story series is inspired by the Jataka tales and Lord Buddha's life perfectly aligns with the objectives of the Dragon Tale initiative. 

Storytelling has always played an essential role in imparting timeless social beliefs, moral values, and entertainment in our Bhutanese society. Through folktales, songs, dances, and various other means, storytelling brought people and communities together in ancient times.

These traditions have forged a unique Bhutanese identity and preserved our culture and heritage, instilling strong unity and togetherness among our people for centuries. However, in recent years, this tradition has diminished.

The Dragon Tales aims to preserve and protect this rich tradition of storytelling through various multimedia  formats. The initiative strives to curate the best and most educational folktales, folklore, and legends from different regions in our country that are relevant and meaningful to our young children.

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