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Tourist Within by Denkar

by Denkar
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The Tourist Within tells myriad stories born of a young woman's lust for travel. From lofty unclimbed mountains to sweltering foothills to the last surviving nomads, the colorful stories capture the diverse physical and cultural landscape of Bhutan. The Stories are beautifully strung together by a common narrative thread anchored in the author's keen socio-cultural sensibilities. As diverse as the subjects are, what shines through faithfully is the candid tone and unassuming style of writing. This anthology is a tribute to  a young woman's passion and, above all, the people who populate the stories in this book who made all the travels possible. The reader will be amazed by the variety of stories a small country can contain and the number of stories a single person often traveling solo or hitch-hiking can tell. If You can picture and feel someone being charged at by a raging yak, dismayed by a shrinking river source, exhilarated by her first visit to a palace, you will enjoy this book.

About the Author: Tshering Denkar 

Tshering Denkar is a remarkable Bhutanese blogger and intrepid solo traveler, dedicated to unveiling the hidden wonders of Bhutan through her adventurous journeys. Her journey began in an unlikely place, a prison in Thailand, where a profound question from an inmate sparked a transformation within her. Inspired by the question, "Teacher, how is the world outside?" Tshering embarked on a backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia and returned to Bhutan with a burning passion for exploration. Over the past two years, she has crisscrossed Bhutan, living among its indigenous communities and documenting her solo travels on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

Breaking Boundaries and Stereotypes

Tshering Denkar is a trailblazer in her own right, breaking down barriers and defying societal norms. She is not just Bhutan's first solo female traveler but also the pioneering Bhutanese blogger in the travel domain. Her courage and determination led her to hitchhike through Bhutan's remotest villages, challenging stereotypes and proving that travel can be safe and empowering for women. Beyond her solo adventures, Tshering's journey is an inspirational testament to carving one's unique path and making a living from travel blogging and vlogging in a region where such concepts are still relatively unfamiliar.

Meeting Royalty and Inspiring Others

One of the most remarkable highlights of Tshering Denkar's journey was an invitation to meet the King of Bhutan in 2019. During this encounter, the King emphasized the importance of experiencing Bhutan firsthand and encouraged Bhutanese citizens to explore their own country. Tshering took this message to heart, pledging to use her travel blog and vlog to showcase the beauty of Bhutan to the world. Her story is not just about personal achievement but also about inspiring others, especially women, to embark on their own solo travel adventures, break free from their comfort zones, and become the authors of their own stories.

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