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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'
☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'

Large Windhorse Prayer Flags

Original price Nu 0.00 - Original price Nu 210.00
Original price Nu 0.00
Nu 100.00
Nu 100.00 - Nu 210.00
Current price Nu 100.00

Made by Choki School of Traditional Arts

Printed and made in Bhutan by students of Choki School of Traditional Arts students.

The flags come in 5 flags in one rope:

  1. The large flags are 14"x18" with 5 different colored flags

Clear, detailed woodblock prints on high quality cotton cloth.  The 5 colors of flags (blue, white, red, green, yellow) represent the 5 basic elements: space, air, fire, water, earth. Each color has special Buddhist symbols, prayers and mantras for a particular purpose: Blue - Health & Longevity, White– Karma Purification, Red – Wish Fulfillment, Green –Compassion, Yellow – Overcoming Obstacles. 

About the Artisan

Choki is a non profit organization founded with the mission of protecting the culture and traditions of some of the most sacred places left in the world that are under the threat of “globalization.” Through Choki’s support causes, beneficiaries will receive opportunities for human sustainability, security, and empowerment.

The artworks are then sold with all proceeds returned to the artists' communities for sustainable development projects. By revealing to the developed world the beauty of secluded cultures that exist, we believe we can help sustain tradition.

Choki believes art serves as communication for the improvement of society, social relationships, consciousness, and a greater understanding of the human experience.

All our art pieces are 100% handmade, unique from each other and carry with them the ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations by the bhutanese artisans.

"The creative powers of people are infinite, and must be supported."

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