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bhutan chocolates by Druksell

Defining the TRUE taste of Bhutanese CHOCOLATE.


source: youtube/Yiga Chocolate

Spicy Chocolate Flavor

Spicy chocolate is quite an interesting flavor that creates anxiety in every people. Usually, any chocolate is all sweet tasting but Yiga chocolate produces chocolate with spicy flavor. It gives a taste of spiciness when you swallow after chewing, and a sweet melt in the mouth. That’s a very unique taste as compared to any other chocolate. Other flavors like quinoa, ginger, and mountain blueberries taste like normal chocolates however it is mindfully handcrafted with local flavor infusions.

bhutan chocolate

The Government, Ministry of Labour, and Human Resource supported Yiga Chocolate by employing two employees and also paid 75% of their salaries as part of the Ministry’s youth employment initiatives. The core source of business funding was from Loden and (Druk Holding and Investment) DHI. The Department of Cottage Industry also supported her start-up with a working space for two years. Besides tireless guidance from her mentor, she still continues her online classes on how to make chocolates and how to perfect it. She also strongly believes in her business which keeps her motivated and determined.

Bhutan chocolates by Yiga Chocolate at Druksell
Why Yiga Chocolate?

Yiga Chocolate products are hand-made with local ingredients, and only the outer packaging is made using machines in order to prevent from damages. They also take pride in being eco-friendly with minimal waste production at their chocolate factory. Their products also have great health benefits, as ingredients are organic and all from Bhutanese local farms. Their chocolates are loved by children and older people alike, therefore, they take health concerns seriously. Her products are all based on health benefits and no chemicals or artificial flavors are added.

You can try a range of yiga chocolate in here 

Credit: Lobzang

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