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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'
Top 10 things you didn't know about Bhutan Shilajit

Top 10 things you didn't know about Bhutan Shilajit

pure black shilajit from Bhutan
  1. What is Shilajit
    Shilajit is a pure black substance that originated from the collision of the tectonic plate movements, 65 million years ago. The collision crushed forests, vegetation and seabed plants which has compacted for millions of years. The substance is formed from the slow decomposition of these vegetations, that can often be found in the rocky areas in the Himalayan mountain ranges.
  2. What are the benefits of Shilajit
    This powerful adaptogen supports and improves your body stamina
    Shaljit is a very powerful immune system booster and helps strengthen it
    It helps in refining memory and mental clarity
  3. How does Shilajit work
    Shilajit's primary component is Fluvic acid, which comprises around 60-80% of the substance. Fluvic acid is essential for the natural growth and healthy development of all plants and animal species on earth. 
    Shilajit is considered as one of the most purest forms of fluvic acid found in nature. 
  4. How to use Shilajit
    Pure shilajit can be added in milk and stirred together. 
    You can also add shilajit with other liquid drinks except alcoholic beverages.
  5. How to take Shilajit
    Shilajit that we offer, can be directly consumed in its raw form. You can use a tea spoon to scoop a pea size portion to dissolve with any liquid drink. The recommended dose is 300-500 mg per day.
  6. When to take Shilajit
    Shilajit can be taken any time of the day, twice or thrice a day, however we do suggest taking it early morning, so that you can feel refreshed and energized.
  7. Who should not take Shilajit
    People with blood related conditions such as hemochromatosis (production of excess iron in blood) should avoid taking Shilajit and it is advisable to consult a medical expert before taking shilajit.
  8. How to get authentic Shilajit
    Shilajit extraction in Bhutan is regulated and Bhutan Government restricts unsustainable harvest of the substance. The origins of the Shilajit is protected and only licensed collectors are allowed to harvest from the site.
  9. Where to buy Shilajit
    To buy premium, high quality, unadulterated and pure Shilajit, you should source the product directly from Bhutan. We also offer certificate of origin along with our product for bulk orders.
  10. What are the good shilajit brands
    In Bhutan, there are mainly 2 brands of Shilajits in the market. Out of which the most popular is known as Bhutan Shilajit. You can browse on Druksell portal for Shilajits.

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 Dr. Bruce talks about the benefits of Shilajit

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