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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'
☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'
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Top 7 reasons why you should buy products from CSI Market

A variety of handcrafted and made in Bhutan daily essentials such as food, cloths, medicines, and tea to novelty items can be discovered here. Also they offer customized gifts for all occasions and for your loved ones too. Here are the some of the top 7 reasons why you should buy products from the newly established CSI Market.

  1. A wide variety of Bhutanese Product

You don't need wander too far if you are in Thimphu, you only need to experience it after you visit in CSI Market. CSI Market provides and excites all your senses beyond your desire. Some of the interesting products that you will get from CSI Market are Fashion, Food, Drinks, Spirituals, Tea, Gifts & souvenirs, Books, and Accessories.

CSI market products | Made in Bhutan | Druksell
photo source: CSI Market website ( )

2. You wont burn a hole in your pocket yet enjoy shopping

Products are offered at attractive & reasonable prices as compared to other stores in Bhutan. CSI Market procures every product at bulk wholesale directly from local vendors, Producers, and some from the group of farmers. CSI Market sells those products at 10% to 15% discount as compared to the local market. The Market also deals with premium products and higher/well packaged quality products

Bhutan t shirts | druksell
photo source: CSI Market website ( )

3. Simplify wholesale orders for all products.

CSI Market also deals with wholesale supply through and international market through And to local customers, especially around Thimphu district, it provides home deliveries and same day delivery

Whole sell products
photo source: CSI Market website ( )

4. Top CSI Café

CSI Market has also one of the best coffee venues in Thimphu. All coffee menus use Bhutan-grown black coffee. CSI Café has a classic espresso-based drinks, filter coffee and pour overs. You can always enjoy a good cup of Bhutan coffee with your friends, family, and loved ones. The cafe is also a cool co-working space with free Wi-Fi facilities.

coffee venues
photo source: Mr.Kinley

5. Online shopping is real and they make it happen.

Going with our 5th Druk Gyalpo;s vision, “digitalization”, CSI Market provides online shopping services at a very reasonable price and also facilitates shopping services for international customers.

image of products that are available on online platform.
photo source: CSI Market website ( )

6. Ample ample parking space

Unlike other areas, if you visit CSI Market with your private car, you are not charged for any hours or minutes. CSI Market provides free and comfortable parking area.

Parking image
photo source: Mr.Kinley

7. They have put the market on your map

Any customers planing to visit can get clear directions by using the google map tool. Moreover, CSI Market is located in the middle of Thimphu city, and opposite to the express highway.

CSI market on google map and get direction | druksell

photo source: CSI Market website (


Written by Lobzang

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