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Mudra - Lavender Body Butter

by Mudra
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Lavender Body Butter

Handmade Products Of Bhutan

Product Dimension 

  • 5cm Round


  • 25g


About the Artisan

Mudra is a Sanskrit term meaning seal or sign. In Buddhist rituals, mudras are mostly performed as gestures of the hand and are conducted in order to influence the body’s flow of energy and positively affect the mind.

As these natural balms, salves and perfumes were likewise created with the hand with the aim of vitalizing the body and mind, Mudra was deemed an appropriate name for the products.

The products:
Mudra products are inspired by the wisdom of traditional Bhutanese remedies and, where possible, are made with wild herbs and other natural substances found in the Himalayan region.

The motivation:
Mudra salves, balms, and perfumes are created with the aim of fusing traditional medicinal wisdom and contemporary presentation. In this way, the product not only retains its traditional healing and soothing properties, but also acts to inspire the mind and the senses.

All Mudra products are free of chemicals and preservatives, and wherever possible, Sonam will use locally sourced ingredients and she draws inspiration from traditional Bhutanese remedies

For her formula, she drew inspiration from traditional Bhutanese remedies such as Artemisia and other natural substances such as pine resin. This is an area which Sonam is exploring in depth.