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Honey wine from Bhutan, 350ml, Bhutan Meadery & Brewery

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Made with 100% pure Bumthang honey. This mead is light sweet and fully fermented mead, a taste with a real edge to it with distinct flavour and aroma of honey, a real pleasure for the connoisseur.

Mead is a traditional wine (Man's oldest drink) made from Honey, water and yeast, origins dating back 8000 years even before the wheel was invented and has been treasured and enjoyed by Gods and Kings alike for all of recorded history. Bhutan Meadery invites you to make your own history while enjoying this unique fermented honey Ambrosia. Bhutan Meadery takes pride in making all of its meads from 100% Natural, locally sourced polyfloral honey from Bumthang.

By- Bhutan Meadery & Brewery, Bumthang

Product Description

  • Vol: 375ml 
  • Alcohol content: 8%
  • Weight: 750gm  (375ml)
  • Included: Special packaged bottle

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About the producer:

Bhutan Meadery and Brewery Profile

Bhutan Meadery and Brewery is the first and only licensed Meadery in Bhutan to date. It was licensed in 2017 but its first trial mead was produced in 2019 with the help of a German Mead Master Mr. Ulrike who was invited as a senior volunteer from Germany. The ancient and oldest known alcoholic drink of the human civilization was formally produced from the Bhutan Meadery in September, 2019 from its home micro brewery with very basic fermentation technology. It is located at Dekiling on the way to famous 8th century Jambay lhakhang monastery in Bumthang among the most beautiful farms in the country.

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