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Kuengacholing incense Choedju Poi

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Nu 59.00
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Choedju (performance tantra in English or Charya tantra in Sanskrit) is the one among the four levels of practices in buddhist tradition. Choedju emphasis equally on the outer action of body and speech and the inner cultivation of samadhi.


  • Height: 13cm x length: 10cm(round)
  • Weight:120 gram
  • Incense height: 2 Inch
  • Burning time of a stick: 40 mins

 About the Producer:

Kuengacholing Bhutan Incense is primarily used for ritual offerings, space clearing and dispersing pleasant fragrances to the environment. It is mainly purchased by Buddhist practitioners which are used in rituals and religious activities. We mainly emphasize on using indigenous raw materials which includes using 100% natural ingredient. What makes us different is that we are cost friendly and the locals accessible in purchasing the product is convenient in the market simultaneously meeting with the quality satisfaction. We provide marketing of our products in all the Dzonkhangs as the cost is borne by the company. Kuengacholing manufacturing house is able to meet with the public’s demand on time as we do mass production, which is highly mechanized and moving through wards innovation of Technology.