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Rewo Sangchoe & Surzey Bhutanese Incence Sticks, 150g, Nado Poizokhang

by Nado
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Nu 110.00
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Made by Nado Poizokhang

This incense is made in strict accordance to ancient Buddhist scripture in Thimpu, Bhutan. Our incense recipes incorporate about 40 natural medicinal ingredients such as flowers, bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. Many of the natural products grow at more than 4000 m in the Himalayas. Collecting is undertaken by yak herders as they move their herds up and down the mountains searching for summer and winter pastures as well as families who live permanently high in the remote Himalayas.

Techincal Description

  • Net Weight: 150gm
  • Colour: Mud red
  • Stick length: 21cm
  • Burning time: 75min

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About the Producer:

The Nado Poi Zokhang incense range is highly regarded throughout the Himalayas and is amongst the finest of all Bhutanese incense. Nado Poi Zokhang are also the oldest established incense maker in Bhutan and are dedicated to keeping this ancient tradition and practice alive. All of the Nado incense we offer is made from the purest and most freshly gathered ingredients and only sustainable harvesting practices are used. It comes direct from the hands of the incense maker and this ensures it is 100% genuine and not one of the many fake Bhutanese brands that are now so common in Nepal. It has long since been prized as an aid to healing, meditation and ritual because it adheres to traditional recipes prescribed by enlightened masters of the past.

Bhutanese incense has a very distinct medicinal aroma that is uniquely Himalayan. Each freshly made batch that arrives from Bhutan is at its very best for your ritual offerings and burning experience. If you are looking to try Bhutanese incense for the first time, Nado Poi Zokhang is always an excellent place to start.


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