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Yungwa (Turmeric), 180 capsules

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100% Pure and natural Turmeric (Yungwa) capsules from Bhutan

Health benefits of 100% pure Turmeric

1) Helps Arthritis & Joint Pain
2) Reduces Chronic Inflammation
3) Aids Weight Loss
4) Improves Skin Health
5) Natural Blood Thinner
6) Helps Fight Disease & Chronic Conditions
7) Enhances Brain Function
8) Improves Allergies & Asthma
9) Aids in Liver Detoxification
10) Helps Headaches & Migraines

About the Producer

Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals,otherwise known as Pharmaceutical and Research Unit under the Institute of Traditional Medicine Services in the Ministry of Health, is the premier manufacturer of the traditional herbal-based medicines supplied to all the Hospitals in Bhutan. It is a place where the modern science and technology is married with the ancient traditional knowledge. It is located in Kawa Jangsa in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu.

Traditional Medicinewas introduced as a part of the National Health Care System in 1967, when production of traditional medicines was started on a very low scale. In 1982, the production of traditional medicines was mechanized with the procurement of some basic grinding equipment with WHO support. By 1997, the cottage production unit was upgraded to a manufacturing unit as the Pharmaceutical and Research Unit (PRU) with modern equipment for production, research and quality control.

Thegso-ba rig-paprovides a comprehensive way of understanding the Universe, man, and his sicknesses and it is gaining popularity due to its holistic, rounded and profound approach in the treatment of human beings. The TM system with its unique philosophy and approach has a holistic approach in the treatment of human suffering and diseases. It not only considers in treating the disease and its causes but also considers the interdependency of man and nature and has spiritual components included in the treatment.