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Best Handmade Bhutanese Incense

Best Handmade Bhutanese Incense

Welcome to our blog post on the top 10 best handmade Bhutanese incense! In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Bhutanese incense and introduce you to some of the finest handmade varieties available. If you are a fan of incense or simply curious about this ancient tradition, you've come to the right place. Let's dive in!

What Makes Bhutanese Incense Special?

Bhutanese incense holds a special place in the world of aromatic traditions. It is known for its unique blend of natural ingredients, meticulous craftsmanship, and deep-rooted cultural significance. The art of making incense in Bhutan has been passed down through generations, and each stick is carefully handcrafted with love and devotion.

Benefits of Handmade Bhutanese Incense

1. Aromatic Delight:

The rich and captivating aroma of Bhutanese incense creates a serene and calming atmosphere, perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding after a long day.

2. Natural Ingredients:

Handmade Bhutanese incense is crafted using a blend of natural ingredients such as medicinal herbs, spices, and aromatic tree barks. These natural components not only produce a delightful fragrance but also offer various therapeutic benefits.

3. Spiritual Significance:

Bhutanese incense is deeply rooted in Buddhist traditions and is often used in religious ceremonies and rituals. Burning incense is believed to purify the environment, ward off negative energies, and create a sacred space for spiritual practices.

Best Handmade Bhutanese Incense Varieties

1. Sky DancerS Premuim Incense

Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of Bhutan's remote mountains with this extraordinary aromatic blend. Crafted from the harmonious fusion of two rare mountain botanicals – a robust root and a fragrant shrub – this blend captures the very spirit of nature's finest. A tribute to the sacred bond shared between Guru Rinpoche and Khandro Yeshey Tshokey, its profound significance resonates in every whiff. Gently crushed and expertly combined, this blend unveils a scent that is as unique as it is divine. Whether offered to the divine or gracing your spaces, its allure is both celestial and grounding. Encased in eco-friendly, handcrafted paper, this 250gms of incense powder is a gift from the mountains that keeps their mystique alive in your surroundings.

2. Bhutanese Stick Incense (Yellow):

An age-old tradition, this Bhutanese incense is a fragrant offering to the deities, rooted in medicinal herbs to alleviate stress and anxiety, all within a stick of 8.5 inches, 115g.

3. Drezang, Prosperity, 30 Aromatic Incense Sticks:

'Prosperity' is an aromatic blend of medicinal herbs like sandalwood, camphor, and juniper. When burnt, it bestows good fortune and success, available in 30 sticks.

4. Mindroling Incense:

Crafted from precious spices, sandalwood, and Himalayan herbs, this incense follows ancient formulations, ideal for offerings, rituals, and daily fragrance.

5. Druk Royal Incense (SWEET):

Handcrafted with unique ingredients like juniper berry and aromatic roots, these sticks burn for 1.5 hours, emanating the scents of Bhutan's high mountains.

6. Tara -Vegetarian Incense:

Blending local elements like honey, milk products, and cinnamon, this incense is for purification and prosperity, paying homage to the Goddess Tara.

7. LhaYul: "The Lost Fragrance of the Mountain Gods":

Handmade with rare herbs, this incense is not just an offering but a daily fragrance that preserves Bhutan's ancient art of incense making.

8. Jomolhari Incense Powder, 250g, Chimi Poizokhang:

A blend of 23 Himalayan ingredients, this incense powder, following strict Buddhist traditions, brings a spiritual aura to rituals and homes.

9. Kurjey-(The Body Imprint)-The SACRED Water Incense:

Made with sacred water, cloves, and juniper, Kurjey incense holds the blessings of Guru Rinpoche, invoking divine energies.

10. Drezang Purifying Incense from Bhutan:

Ideal for creating a serene environment, Drezang incense relieves insomnia, dizziness, and hypertension with its calming properties.

11. DC (Drichog Chotrin) Incense:

A unique blend of safflower and Bhutanese medicinal herbs, this incense calms and spreads its calming influence across spaces.

12. Norbu Incense:

Seeking prosperity and purification, Norbu Incense uses 33 natural ingredients to invoke blessings, filling spaces with positive energy.

13. Sangzay Natshog Saang, 210g, Chimi Poezokhang:

A traditional morning offering, Sangzay Natshog Saang cleanses negativity, bringing happiness and well-being.

14. Rewasang:

Rinchen Namgyal Sang's offering, Rewasang, purifies both the outer and inner realms, offering a serene and peaceful environment.

15. Naga Incense (Luu Poe):

Offering to the Nagas, this incense prevents harm and evokes a sense of protection against negative energies.

16. Zimpoi:

Crafted from indigenous medicinal ingredients, Zimpoi brings soothing fragrances that alleviate stress and promote meditation.

17. Chrendren Mensang High-Quality Incense Powder:

Blended with the finest herbs, Chrendren Mensang suits various occasions, embodying the essence of Bhutanese tradition.

18. Bhutanese Stick Incense (Green):

Embrace the calming color green with this traditional incense, promoting inner harmony and positivity.

19. Kuengacholing Incense (Green Tara):

Green Tara incense, with its green hues, connects to earth's growth and healing, offering consciousness and positivity. 

Experience the captivating scents of these handmade Bhutanese incense varieties. Each variety offers a unique aroma and carries the essence of Bhutan's rich cultural heritage. Explore the collection of handmade Bhutanese incense at and embark on a sensory journey like no other.

Experience the captivating world of handmade Bhutanese incense and elevate your senses with these exquisite fragrances. Each stick is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Bhutan. Discover the perfect incense variety that resonates with your spirit and indulge in the aromatic bliss it offers.

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