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AKu Thongmi: A song for Bhutan Written by Jane Hancock and Janet Herman- Illustrated by Pema Tshering

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The children book narrates the famous composer called Aku Tongmu, who served as in Army from his remote rural village from a young age and was a close personal servant to the kings. He was the first conductor for the Royal Army Band, an educator of country’s traditional music and dance, a generous constructor of Bhuddhist Shrines and represented by leading artist Pema Tshering, the book provides the life long history of mid-twentieth century bhutanses life style. 

Published : December 2nd, 2018

ISBN : 9780578401010

Category : All

Publisher: Music of Bhutan Research Center

No. Of Pages : 64 pages


  • (LxW): 25cm X 22cm

Weight: 211gms

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About the Author

Jane Hancock, who helped to establish the Music of Bhutan Research Centre (MBRC), is a credentialed educator and photographer. She has been living part time in Bhutan since 2010, assisting with many aspects of MBRC and teaching music and theater arts at secondary and primary schools in Thimphu. Janet Herman, who holds a Ph.D. in Folklore and Ethnomusicology from UCLA, also helped to establish MBRC. She has served as research consultant and writer on a wide variety of MBRC projects, including Masters of Bhutanese Music, Vol. 1 (2013), the first book to profile traditional Bhutanese musicians.

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