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Kyetse-Chador Wangmo, Chador Wangmo, 304 pages

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Madam Chador Wangmo’s second novel Kyetse is one of them. It is the gripping tale of a girl born in a time rife with superstitious beliefs and her journey in quest of finding herself. The book takes on a broad theme of; karmic and destined life, courage and bravery, self-realization and exploitation in mask of fake identity. It begins at Tashigang, briefly during the advent of modernization in a country in late twentieth century. While economic developments initially remain in the backdrop, rural traditions and ways of living are presented up close and personal.As the novel begins, protagonist, Som Dema was born to Tashi Tshering and Sangay choden, who were Serga-mathang-and-kokhkin (Tsangla phrase), which literally mean golden cousin and pertains to consanguineous marriage, owining to be daughter and son of sister Tshoden and brother Dathang respectively. Only Dathang and Tshoden survived of ten children born to Memey Tenzin and Abhi Sanjaymo who has been ill-fated after having petty dispute with the imperious neighbor by Memey Tenzin. Novel setting depicts a kind of complex tapestry of early village living, culture and traditions.

Product Descriptions

  • Published2016
  • ISBN: 9789993673309
  • Number of Pages: 304
  • Weight: 201 grams 
  • Length x Width x Height: 13cm x 10cm x 13cm


About the Author 

Chador Wangmo has authored fifteen books. Her list of published books include ten illustrated books for children, two chapter books, two novels and an anthology of poems. She believes creativity should not be boxed in boundaries of genre, style or format. So, that's why she writes all genre, hoping to reach out to every section of the society with her stories.

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