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☀️ Get 5% off on your first order. Use Code 'drk23'

The Rainbow with a Blue Hear written by Tshering Yangdon

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Scrolling through path that can't be trailed back in places with traces of fallen love, would it forever remind you of a person with the power to crumble your heart? The intense rise and fall of what people call love, would it make its way through the fear of falling in wrong arms and choosing the wrong person to call home? If every letter is thrown before read, prayers unheard before said, and hearts shattered in the blink of an eye, is it worth every tear that you shed?

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Miss Tshering Yangdon is a graduate of Facility of Nursing and Public Health with a Diploma in Pharmacy. Currently, she works closely with Y-Peer Asia Pacific Center, advocating on gender equality, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) related issues.

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